Why I started
I Matter! You Matter!

The idea behind this website comes from the premise that we all matter in this world. I wrote the song, “I Matter” first for the same reason. All of us matter but only a few of us get recognition for the way that we influence others for the better. So I had the website created to provide a way for us to honor those that matter most to us, to see who matters to others, and to recognize the less fortunate who struggle, survive, and often feel as if they have no voice.

In times of crisis we often rise to the occasion doing heroic things. Take a look at our current events and we see it over and over. People are often at their best when things are at their worst. I wanted to create a place where we could see and hear about those people who change the world for the better but often go unnoticed. Everyone is important to someone. Everybody makes their contribution in one way or another. I matter, and you matter too.

Why do I talk to and interview the homeless?

The homeless are people just like all of us. They are just on hard times. Most of them would rather have a job and earn their way through life. I could go on and on about their plight, but who can say what they are going through better than the ones going through it?

I talk to the homeless because they have so much to say. I interview them so that you can hear their words without it having to be filtered by me. Some are uplifting, some are wise beyond belief, some are very articulate, some can sing like a bird or preach like a preacher, and so many are still spiritual and have morals even in the hardest of times. They inspire me.

I talk to the homeless because they matter. I interview and record them because I don’t want you to hear me tell their story. I want THEM to tell it…in their own words.

– Joseph Wooten