Wrapping Up 2019 With a Day of Giving

The last day of 2019 started off nicely. My wife, Stephanie and I wanted to give some money to worthwhile causes, so we started by calling Morgan Coyner who is the Grant Coordinator with “The Next Door, Inc.”, (and daughter of one of my favorite DHS classmates, the late Linda Benet Coyner). The Next Door is a non-profit organization that does amazing, transformative, compassionate, effective work serving women in crisis. From mental illness, addiction, incarceration, trauma, etc this organization is a Godsend for the most vulnerable women in need. Stephanie and I were happy to end the decade attempting to help those who need it most through our charity, I Matter, You Matter, Inc. To learn more about The Next Door, Inc. go to: https://thenextdoor.org

Later, Stephanie and I went to the Tennessee State Veterans’ Home in Murfreesboro and donated, through our charity, “I Matter, You Matter, Inc.” Steph and I were both surprised to see the level that Tennessee takes care of their Vets. They go a good deal above and beyond the V.A. I felt much pride today, not only being an American, but also being a Tennesseean. Our Vets deserve our help, and this organization goes above and beyond! (They have just broken ground to build another in Memphis, I was told!) We enjoyed meeting Tracy L. Marsteller, who told us all about how the Veterans home takes care of the former soldiers. We also met a beautiful soul named, Clyde who works at the Veterans Hospital. He is a Vet doing beautiful things for young people at his new church where he is the pastor. (I get the feeling we will be doing some things together for these future adults. Nothing happens by accident!) What a GREAT way to start the day…and end the decade!!!